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We are a group of Consultants and Insurance Professionals, with the help of Pre-Planning Lawyers, CPAs and VA Accredited individuals bringing you answers to help protect your future, today!



Pre-Need funeral planning with Funeral Trusts.

Planning for a Nursing Home event.

Over 70% of us will spend time in a Nursing Home. Protect yourself and family with Long Term Care Insurance, including how to get LTC insurance "free".

Not happy with your portfolio returns? How the new Annuities can give you peace of mind with guaranteed returns.

Turning 65? New to Medicare? Or looking for options and other plans?

Irrevocable Funeral Trust: Medicaid friendly, asset protection, portable.

Estate Trust: Setting aside funds as a legacy gift under Medicaid rules.

New Annuities: How to protect your nest egg with guaranteed returns.

Long Term Care: Protect your assets from a nursing home event. What does this cost?

LTC Partnership Program: Does your state double your LTC benefits? See if you qualify.

Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, PDP Drug Plans: Which is right for you?

Life Insurance: Final Expense, Term or a larger Universal Life Policy, Learn More.

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We have developed the most in depth, informative and client conscientious Seminar Series that are available concerned with these issues. We also provide customized presentations developed specifically to your groups and associations specific needs.

To learn more about Premier Solutions Group, how we can help you, your family, friends, groups, organizations or associations, please browse our Website and contacts us directly, or e-mail us. We will discuss your needs, concerns, desires, hopes and dreams and help you determine your options "what you can do" so you can rest easy tonight knowing you have taken the proper steps in "Protecting Your Future, Today".


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